“3in1” Dog Lead.
When you clip the looped Short Lead and 2 Extensions in a line, you have a 6 foot lead.
Take one extension off, and the lead is about 4 feet long.
Attach both extensions to the looped Short Lead, and you can walk 2 dogs at once!

On top of all that, you can use the Short Lead to attach your dog to the car’s seatbelt!

PawPrint Christmas Ornaments


Custom right-handed, belt-loop mounted knife sheath.  This sheath was designed for a custom knife.  This particular leather (shown here prior to dye) took the saddle tan dye to a very buttery effect, which contrasted nicely with the darker handle.  The sheath has an inner welt, with the outer edge contact-cemented and double-stitched.  The belt loop is held in place by contact cement, along with two bar-tacks of stitching.  The height of the back of the blade, matched with the size of the brass bolster, meant that the opening of the sheath needed to be “cupped” to closely hold the knife.


Hand-carved and stitched motorcycle tool bag.  Skull design on flap and ends.  Hand-set copper harness rivets.

1.  Folding knife or multi-tool pouch.  Belt-loop mounted.
2.  Bracelets, snaps or buckle closure.
3.  Key fobs, various attachments.
4.  Motorcycle tool bag, “distressed look”.