Fitting a holster for a Taurus 40 caliber.

Of course, it all starts with design, but in this case, our photos begin with the pieces already cut out, sewing holes punched, dye applied, embellishment and some carving complete.  This project is right-handed, belt loop mounted, and crossdraw.  Once sewn, the holster was wet-fitted to the pistol, then sealed and finished.  The final photo shows the holster held upside down, while still retaining the pistol.  That is the difference between a holster from the box store and a custom-fitted holster.


This example shows a similar right-handed holster, loop-mounted on the belt and crossdraw, but for a Sig Sauer PT228.  Here, we are using a cast model to fit the holster.  This holster needed to be a bit longer than the Taurus 40 caliber to completely cover the muzzle.  These photos have temporary stitching while the leather is wet-molded.

This is a belt-mounted, minimal holster for a Taurus PT-92.  The holster is right-handed, finished in a saddle tan dye, and includes a flexible “O” ring retention strap.

Here, we have the same pistol, fitted to a left-handed holster, in two-tone dye, and with an older leather retention design.


These photos display a holster fitted to a Ruger 22 caliber.  Once again, a darker dye was used for the reinforcement at the mouth of the holster.  The metal clip can either be used left-handed OWB or right-handed IWB.