When I retired from the Navy in 1993, I had the time to pursue various types of art, including wood carving, forge work, and primitive furniture.  In the following years, I have been an active hiker, kayaker, camper, and gardener, too.  My love of leather work began when my wife bought me a starter set of tools for Christmas, some years ago.  Perhaps, she saw that winter woodcarving in the house was really messy.

Antisubmarine Warfare Operator / Helicopter SAR Aircrewman, SH2F Seasprite, U.S. Navy

Sensor Operator, P3C Orion, U.S. Navy


Retirement from the Navy and move to Ohio


Forge Work

Raising Boxers and more Woodcarving

Carving Oars and Paddles


Hiking, Camping, Kayaking, Gardening, and Baking Bread

New Adventures Every Year!